Real Estate and Construction Law

The law firm of has represented a broad and diverse client base regarding real estate and construction matters for over 35 years. These involve basic to complex real estate transactions and litigation. It is vitally important to have competent and experienced counsel to deal with the ever changing intricacies in real estate transactions and contracts. We make every effort to avoid future problems and potential litigation with a concentrated and in-depth analysis and plan with an ability to be creative and understand the key areas of a transaction. In this way, we achieve the best results for our clients.

However, when a dispute arises, it is imperative to have an attorney well-versed in civil litigation with a focus on a successful result in a frank and cost-effective manner. The attorney-client relationship is of utmost importance from the outset to the conclusion of litigation and our attorneys take pride in our attorney-client relationships that last for many years after the conclusion of a lawsuit.

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