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Comprehensive Public Agency Services

Large and small agencies alike need experienced legal staff to assist them in handling not only routine legal matters but complex ones as well.

The law firm of Wall Wall & Peake can handle all aspects of public agencies’ legal needs. Attorney and partner Alan J. Peake has represented public agencies for over 30 years in all types of legal matters. He has provided clear, concise legal advice to numerous City Councils, Planning Commissions, Housing Authority Boards and Water District Boards to assist that client in making the right decisions.

Cost-Effective Representation At Every Stage

Wall Wall & Peake has experience helping public agencies with an array of legal needs.

  • Mr. Peake knows that public agency budgets are getting tighter and tighter, and the need for efficient and economical legal advice has never been greater.
  • Based on Mr. Peake’s experience, he can help guide public agencies through difficult decisions and/or processes by effectively providing quality legal advice at cost-efficient rates.

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To discuss the needs of your public agency, please call Wall Wall & Peake at 661-636-6861. Or, you may send an online message using the contact form on this website.