Woman receives eviction notice for altering property

The legal realities of being a landlord in California can be difficult to handle. Often, those who are trying to move forward with an eviction of a tenant who has violated the lease will be cast as the villain. However, landlords have certain rights if there was a violation and the tenant can be evicted if it is legally justified to do so. Of course, any landlord-tenant dispute must be based on the law. A landlord should have legal advice before pursuing an eviction.

A woman who installed a security system in her apartment received a notice that she had to remove it. Since there have been numerous reported burglaries across the state recently, she sought an extra layer of protection for her family and refused. She has lived at the residence for eight years, but her lease says that she is not allowed to alter the property. She sent a letter requesting that the security device be allowed to stay. She was told that she had to remove the device and fix the wall by the middle of June or she will face eviction. She is complaining that there are unlocked gates at the complex and she is concerned about safety issues.

Landlords are not randomly putting unreasonable demands in the lease for its own sake. Property ownership can have a litany of rules for the landlord just as there are rules for a tenant who signs a lease. With a rental property, zoning issues, safety requirements and more form the basis of the rules such as the one the landlord asserts the woman violated with the security device and asked her to remove. It is because of situations such as these where a landlord automatically appears to be in the wrong that a legal professional is needed to help the owner follow the requirements of having tenants.

In this case, the woman placed a device on the door when she was not legally allowed to do so. As she refused to remove it when she was requested to, there is a chance she will be evicted. Obviously, it is preferable that situations such as this do not escalate to the point where an eviction notice is necessary, but there are times when landlords must do this for the good of the property and their legal obligations. A lawyer can help with these circumstances and provide advice and guidance.

Source: losangeles.cbslocal.com, "Santa Monica Mother Faces Eviction Over Doorbell Security System," June 8, 2017

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