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Understanding the basics of probate in California

For Californians who are preparing for the future with an estate plan, the details can sometimes be overwhelming to the point that not even the basics are fully understood. Most everyone will have a grasp as to what a will is and does. Others will know about trusts. But probate can be a matter that is a source of confusion. Knowing what probate is and how to deal with it is an integral part of creating and implementing wise estate plan strategies.

Woman receives eviction notice for altering property

The legal realities of being a landlord in California can be difficult to handle. Often, those who are trying to move forward with an eviction of a tenant who has violated the lease will be cast as the villain. However, landlords have certain rights if there was a violation and the tenant can be evicted if it is legally justified to do so. Of course, any landlord-tenant dispute must be based on the law. A landlord should have legal advice before pursuing an eviction.

Can my eviction case be settled through mediation?

When a California landlord is seeking an eviction of a tenant and the tenant gets the eviction notice, the concerns can be overwhelming. A dispute that has escalated to the point that the landlord and tenant are butting heads might be viewed as needing a judge or jury to settle it. However, there are times when mediation might be preferable. Even if the sides have a trial date, there is a chance that mediation can settle the matter to the satisfaction of all involved and avoid the need to go to court.

Estate planning documents everyone should consider

For many California residents, preparing an estate plan can feel like a daunting task. It is understandable. There are a lot of things to consider -- such as what estate planning documents are actually necessary -- and figuring it all out can be overwhelming.

Strategies for a successful estate plan in California

Having an estate plan is a wise choice for Californians whether they have significant assets or their portfolio is one of more modest means. The estate plan can detail how asset distribution will be handled, what the heirs will receive and more. Strategies for a successful completion of an estate plan are extensive, but there are certain basic steps that everyone should take.

The perils of failure in will planning in California

People young and old, rich and poor and anywhere in between in California often fail to move forward with organized will planning. Admittedly, it is a difficult issue to come to grips with. Mortality can be hard to accept. However, it can be costly and problematic for loved ones to avoid having an estate plan. Wills are an essential part of that and can head off family disputes over property after a person has died. Understanding what happens if a person dies without a will can be useful to deciding whether to craft one or not.