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Understanding eviction and bankruptcy

Some might think that filing for bankruptcy is a method to protect themselves from being evicted. In some instances, this is the case. However, it is not always so. When there is an eviction threat from the property owner, a tenant who is considering bankruptcy must be aware of the consequences for such an action.

Experienced attorneys for help with real estate and construction

In Bakersfield and throughout California, there seems to be an endless number of construction projects that are being planned, are in their initial stages, are beginning to look like more than an exoskeleton of steel, wood or concrete, or are close to being completed. With that, there is no doubt that permits were acquired for real estate land use, contracts were formulated, and the construction project was planned from long before it got underway. So too were there attorneys who helped the contractor and the developer to prepare for the long road ahead.

You need a contingency plan for your future health care

It is not easy to think about what kind of health care you would want if you are ever incapacitated, but it is a worthwhile effort to make these plans. Failure to have such plans in place could result in others making important, life-altering decisions on your behalf.

Understanding legal responsibilities of landlords in California

There are basic laws that landlords and tenants in Bakersfield and throughout California must adhere to. If there is a violation of any kind by either the landlord or the tenant, it can result in a problem and escalate to a lawsuit. Knowing the responsibilities of both based on the lease is the key to adhering to these requirements and settling any issue that arises between the parties.