Stretching the Nonprofit Budget

Non-profit agencies are not driven by revenue but rather to provide services to the general public, to advocate a particular point of view or to support a specific cause.  The goals achieved are a result of hard work and sensitivity to the world in which we all live. They understand the need for access to services to those who might otherwise not have the opportunity to obtain valuable information and resources. As much as they operate as a non-business entity, they do face many of the same decisions and issues as a for-profit business such as expenses, costs and legal issues.

Running a successful public agency means ensuring that every penny of funding counts and learning how to stretch the non-profit budget is crucial to continuing to provide valuable services to the public. Much like for-profit businesses, you have to comply with additional guidelines set out by entities such as planning commissions and housing authorities and follow laws and regulations of various government agencies such as City councils. 

Although there are a myriad of funding resources and avenues that help to keep the doors open, limited funding means having to ensure you cover all your bases before issues arise. It is one thing to plan for typical overhead costs but another thing entirely to ensure money is available to help in the event of unforeseen expenses. Lessening the burden of these costs through sound legal advice is a key route to stretching the budget.

If you are responsible for the attribution of funds in a non-profit organization, you understand the many variables that contribute to the success of every venture. Having an experienced public agency attorney who can provide sound advice at cost effective rates on speed dial should definitely be in your arsenal.

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