Different types of construction defects

When constructing any building, it is important that the job is done right and all parties involved are pleased with the results. Unfortunately, some companies fall short in a number of construction aspects, including planning and supervision. In many cases, when planning and supervision are not done correctly, a building may not perform the way it was expected and can create a problem between the party in charge of construction, the party who owns the building and the party who wants to purchase it. If action is taken against you or you decide to take action, it is important to know exactly what construction defects are present.

The following areas may present common construction defects:

  • Glass, windows and doors.
  • Electrical and mechanical issues.
  • Unstable or unsound foundations.
  • Thermal and moisture protection.

Businesses that work together on these types of projects often have contracts that all parties must sign. These contracts will outline each party's role and duties and what exactly is expected of them. The above-mentioned issues may leave all parties involved dissatisfied and upset, and may even be considered a breach of contract. As a result, there may be disputes that occur and even a lawsuit filed by one or both parties.

When there are construction defects, it can cost a lot of money to repair them. That being the case, it can be frustrating when things do not go as planned. As the issue escalates, there may be heated disputes and talk of a lawsuit. If your company is the midst of a legal battle regarding construction defects or you simply need guidance for a potential lawsuit, hiring an attorney would be helpful.

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