Patience and a lawyer can serve you well during an eviction

When you accept a new tenant, you do so with the expectation that he or she will respect all of the conditions of the lease. But unfortunately, every landlord will have to deal with difficult or even dangerous tenants from time to time. This comes with the territory, but you still must be prepared to respond when the situation arises.

Of course, simply asking problem tenants to leave will probably not get the job done. Tenants do have rights after all and even if they deserve to be evicted, you have to make sure you do everything the right way. And as we have covered on this blog, in California, the process is quite involved.

As such, it is easy to become frustrated and impatient. After all, you are not the one who is causing the problems. Moreover, in extreme cases, there is no telling how much damage a disgruntled tenant could do to your property. And often the worst tenants are the ones who are the least likely to come up with the money for repairs.

So your temptation may be to press the issue by having the utilities cut or new locks placed on the doors. But this would be a mistake as you  could end up being the one facing legal issues. So really, your best course of action may be to take a few breaths, stay calm and contact an experienced eviction lawyer.

Attorney Alan J. Peake understands the pressure brought to bear on landlords who need to evict bad tenants in as timely a manner as possible. He and his staff are well prepared to analyze your situation and help you step through an eviction in a way that expedites the process quickly and keeps you clear of legal liability. Please take a look at the eviction page on this website and feel free to contact Mr. Peake at your convenience.

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